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Fri, May. 28th, 2004, 08:11 pm
yourdead: i am soooo behind!

i like just now read the last two posts that rose made to this thing. SORRY ROSIE! i'm just so used to reading my filtered friends page, which contains rose, but not this community. it's the stuff that i really REALLY want to read you know. i suppose i should add werdum, i think i can do that...

any who, texas is just aces. :) there's been a lot of vegging out to the tv, but it's still good because i gots sarah here and she's awesome. even when she's napping i get to use the internet. a luxury i do not have at home. i miss it so much.

i'm going to see shrek 2 tonight! going to the 9 pm showing i believe. me and sarah (grammar be damned!) HAD to watch joan of arcadia and therefore the 7:30 one was out of the question. not that you care, but i've got FOUR joa icons now. all of them made by sarah too because she's an icon making genius like that...

i ramble on and it's not really that funny. rose and i must go to south bend and do play station-y things at jamie's apt. i have got to see that place. it sounds really nice. although rose says that he has intent to "corrupt" me. i just want to play mario party and go to michaels. rose needs new cross stich because her messy porn lovin' brother had ta steal her book bag. punk.

does making a long entry make up for rose having written the last four?

there's more that i was thinking about getting, but sarah doesn't have a whole lot more blank discs and i haven't heard any of the songs... i just hear that they are supposed to be really good. though i did get to hear howie day and that was wicked good. :) but there's also dashboard confessional (stuff i haven't heard), rooney, and other stuff that i don't recall...

leaving for the movies in 10 minutes and i feel all bad for using sarah's internet and not talking to her so i should be on my way now.

shrek 2 ahoy!

Fri, May. 28th, 2004, 08:54 pm
titsosaurus: spiders and the houses they crap.

ha! i just realized how much this comment thread between mary and i made me laugh. you have to know the context though.

she called me last night and i proceeded to tell her that my entertainment for the night (or atleast a good 10-20 minutes) was watching a spider build a web. it was really cool how he laid the foundation and then proceeded to spin in circles while sticky string came out his butt! i'm like "ain't that fuckin' amazing! he has a house where/whenever he wants it, and when he wants to move, he doesn't have to worry about mortgages or anything!"

and then went on with mary about how cool it would be to have the spider ability to build my houses/food catchers where and whenever.

yeah... well i was amused.

it's just one conversation in the millions of goofy fuckin' ones that mary and i have on a nearly daily basis.

Mon, May. 24th, 2004, 08:14 am
titsosaurus: don't cross stitch like ya do!

jeez mary! could you not lose two needles in two days like you do!?

hehe. i really had fun this weekend in detroit. lots of sunshine and lots o' laughs. it was allllll good. and good food and good cross stitching too! yess! it's very nice!

we have to hang out this week before you leave for TX. actually my mom sort of grounded me from coming home today so i may just have to show up at yer house. it's so aaron can't use the car. crazy ain't it? i suppose i can explain more later. not that there's much more to explain.

gonna go take a shower now i suppose.

oh yeah, if you can't tell, the powers back here. came back on like 10 minutes after i got home. i'm like "hey! the electricity followed me from detroit! i'm a lucky electric charm!" hehe.

Thu, May. 20th, 2004, 11:15 am
titsosaurus: attack of the sneaky socies... er... socys?

mary, in leu of that last entry, i found that the only way to keep socy from reading it was to remove her from being a member of werdum. all in favor say aye! aye!... otherwise, i couldn't just do a "friends only" entry or whatever.

makes sense non?

what are your opinions on this?

thoughts and feelings perhaps.

i just figured if i was going to alude to the fact that we were going to do certain things, that so'cy might get mad.

also, is there a way to make this journal public for other people to read without having to make them members or anything? just curious. we'll discuss it at the next rosemary meeting =)

Wed, May. 19th, 2004, 05:14 pm
yourdead: (no subject)

haven't been home a whole lot today. just hanging out with rose. which is better than how i spent yesterday. i slept til FOUR in the afternoon for the love of God! and *sigh* it was bad. i didn't do a damn thing yesterday worthwhile. hate when that happens.

"is it just me or is this room suddenly 500% sexier?"

"Argh! It's driving me nuts!"

*pause for riotous laughter*

*crickets chirp*

well i suppose you need the whole joke. you should ask rose about that one. telling jokes ain't my forte. :P

Fri, Apr. 16th, 2004, 01:10 pm
titsosaurus: sassypants!

where have i been? was i eaten by a dinosauras? all "rarrrghhh rose tastes gooo! i haven't had anything this good since the cretacious period!"? you may ask.

Scary Go Round rocks and you know it mary!

damn I feel like i have so much to do today. but i'm so relaxed because today is just so nice. and i got lots of food even though i have no money and forgot to bring some... it was here and it was free and yoouuuu missed it.

dave had made a cherry pie. and there were all sorts of goodies laid out from a meeting in the morning time.

yeah, and hopefully you and i are going to do something today though i know you want to hang out with so'cy in the evening but it's all good because i want to go see KILL BILL 2! with my family so =P

um that is all i can think of.

Thu, Apr. 8th, 2004, 01:34 pm
yourdead: making it even you know

so what are you doing this weekend? anything me, you & socy could do together? *shrugs* i don't know. why does it seem my friends are all starting to hate me? am i doing something wrong?

you know... apart from staying up and reading last night i went to sleep SO WELL last night.

you! get me a boyfriend... right now! hehe. j/k. i don't know what i'm talking about.

Thu, Apr. 8th, 2004, 01:31 pm
yourdead: fresh dirt under my fingernails

maybe i'll spend some time during my mini spring recess (as rose likes to call it) working on a new icon for werdum. that would be nice to see around here eh? yes. i thought so. and maybe i could make an info graphic. oooh that would be really cool.

do i have to make 2 posts now?

where are we going to lunch?


Thu, Apr. 8th, 2004, 09:34 am
titsosaurus: it's me again and NOT you! ahem.

hey mary. i know you were all bummed yesterday because of a certain someone who i will keep nameless just in case... but cheer up lass you have a freakin' FOUR DAY WEEKEND! use it to get a job ya slacker... hehe.

what is our WERDUM password... obviously email it to me and not post or comment it. i just wanted to change the bio because we're both 20 (well almost 20) now and it still says 19 (well almost 19). HA!

and maybe just make a new icon and/or use a new layout. ya know... spruce it up a bit. spring cleaning if you will.

um... that is all. i think i shall email you now just to inform you i have made two entries to your none. we shall have to have a talk of this.

DAIQUIRI anyone? celebrate four days off perhaps?

Fri, Apr. 2nd, 2004, 06:22 am
titsosaurus: damnit!

you must take my kids. i will not have them. they are little hellians! AAAAHHHH!

i want to dye my hair too. pink. i neeeeeed to. and you can always wait a while before you dye your hair. it's not like the revlon is going to get up and walk away if you don't =)

i think i'll do the sprint thing today if you remind me after class. want a ride home? i'm out today at like 2:10 or earlier =) lemme know.

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