OH NO there goes the internet!

maddy takes off like a bat outta hell... on the way she trips over (what i thought was) the wireless airport card. upon rethinking it i realized that it is obviously NOT the wireless internet card because THAT is wireless.

none the less, dog takes off and i'm like "dude! she took the internet with her!"

mary laughs, "i laughed so hard i peed a little"

"dude, did you pee through your pants? onto the couch?"

"lemme check, nope/... couch is fine...brb" *runs to bathroom*

... i don't know about mary, but i think it kicked in for me.

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ron is my king // ___twinklefaex

flip-flop, flip-flop

that's me walking dude.

do you know that we are going to be leaving here sooon? i don't know where we're going after that. man we have been hanging out a loooot lately now haven't we? socy's all super busy with her three jobs (which she gets MUCH sympathy from the college group for), so i am left with not much to do, but go and bug rosie while she is working. well really though... you be calling me over all the time.

there was magic between us last night! don't deny it!... right. whatevah yo.

we should totally do another phone post or something. how many does LJ let you do in a month? i forget. i suppose i'll have to go and look that up or somethin...
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opened and closed w00t!

w00t! you're on your way apparently.

yes, i do so enjoy this time we spend together. yes.

hmm... mostly i'm bored. you should start selling stuff on ebay too.

we'll make millions!

and then move out west.

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beach fun! apartments funnn!

we have fun times together. i think it would be just grand if we moved out west. or at least down south together. and you KNOW THIS man!

um, you'll either be here in like a half hour or you're ditching me =) but i know that you have 22.4 minutes a day to use from here until your month ends so don't think i won't call you up and be like, "mary? why do you hate me?" and make you feel all bad.

check out the transcription i made on my journal. and the comments page. unless i already deleted it... or am i bluffing?

you'll never know. and i'll explain to you whenever you ask. goodbye.
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am i sexy?

pooopp (right rose, whatever)... or should i say wutevah?

damn rose, i just did something so nate the other day... haha. not really dude.

uhmm... i want to go and GET a smOotHIE...> so this IS How the fOLks do thE sTiCKY CApS< Ey?.. THe lA Ck of PROper SpELlINg Is MY fAuLt> couldN't Do it W/o mY frIends thOugh. word. dig it



today is a lame muthafuckin' day man. it's rainy and dreary and i can't use the scanner at work because someone else is on it. i don't know if kovach plans on calling me or not but i'll probably help him today. i wish you'd come with me but you said you wanted a break anyway.

man i'm so lonely right now. it kinda hit me this morning but it's all good because school ends for me in like two weeks and then it's pure summer fun.. well mixed in with "what the hell am i going to be doing for the rest of my life?" madness. but life's like that ya know?

man i hate to be a downer to this usually uplifting community you and i have. i remember some times in the old werdum journal though that things got pretty "intense" if you will.

is it time yet to unveil werdum to the world? or do you just suppose no one will care/know what we're talking about ever?

in nakee

wheee i'm freee

word to your mother homeboy!

rose uplifts the troops. with i had a way to somehow upload that and link it or something. it really is hugely funny. but like most of the stuff me and rose do... ya gotta be there for the full effect.

so... me and rose got a little double date action coming later tonight. though i don't know about it for sure. it might be awkward trying to "accidently on purpose" bump into ryan and tony at the beach. *shrugs* long as i get to the beach i'm all good.

make sense? why would i want to do that?
dom - mary // leggyslove

mike's car connection

the only palm trees that st. joe will ever see... maybe.

you know. there were some palm trees across the street from us when we stayed in memphis. they were very bright orange and fake. and i think it was next too a hooter's restaurant. yeah. dad really wanted to go there, lol. i think he was just kidding you know, but i may never be certain. hehe.

well for now i don't think that i want a subdomain of your wristsoffury.net. i'm just not around computers and the internet enough for that to work out i think. though i would loooove to make some graphics or some other such stuff. man i need the internet back. i miss it so. i miss talking to my friends on aim. feel like i hardly know leann anymore. it's crazy.

rose. you gotta teach me how to bag guys. the current plan (which is no plan at all) isn't workin for me.
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word to my mutha

mary, i'm thinking that my website should be my aim name.

note: get the internet. i really wish you had it. then you and i could talk on aim all night long and share graphics thata way.

i suppose we'll discuss more later. seeing as i probably don't make much sense now. but i can't get a hold of you and i miss ya man! hehe
joa - move // sarah maria

oy! wait a minute!

i have to mention this because it just makes me so damned proud.

i showed sarah the awesomeness that is scarygoround last night. :) i also showed her wicked cool emotion eric. she thought both were very funny. but what else would i expect from sarah? she's so much like me.

that is all. :)