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Tue, Jun. 8th, 2004, 12:06 pm
yourdead: mike's car connection

the only palm trees that st. joe will ever see... maybe.

you know. there were some palm trees across the street from us when we stayed in memphis. they were very bright orange and fake. and i think it was next too a hooter's restaurant. yeah. dad really wanted to go there, lol. i think he was just kidding you know, but i may never be certain. hehe.

well for now i don't think that i want a subdomain of your wristsoffury.net. i'm just not around computers and the internet enough for that to work out i think. though i would loooove to make some graphics or some other such stuff. man i need the internet back. i miss it so. i miss talking to my friends on aim. feel like i hardly know leann anymore. it's crazy.

rose. you gotta teach me how to bag guys. the current plan (which is no plan at all) isn't workin for me.